Tale of Omni – Alpha Demo


Tale of Omni is a very clever puzzle platformer that bends and breaks the rules of what a game should be able to do – by putting you into a broken game world where the game window is a manipulatable part of the game.

We first featured a version of Tale of Omni a year ago when it was just a game jam prototype, and found it to be a remarkable game that did things we never thought were possible with a game window (we’d also recommend checking out Windowframe by Daniel Linssen). Over the past year there have been some significant changes to Omni, fleshing it out with charming pixel art visuals, new gameplay elements and a fully fledged story.

Tale of Omni starts of as a fairly normal action platformer, with you controlling a monk who assists the local villagers with any problems, but things take a big twist when one of your personas splits away from you and runs away. This then ‘breaks’ the game and allows you to move the game window around, getting a peak of the insides of what make the game run (you even have a conversation with the graphics driver who’s crashed his van!)

There are lots more wonderful surprises that we won’t spoil here, but needless to say Tale of Omni is shaping up to be a great game that’s packed full of clever ideas. It’s still very early in development, and does have a few frustrating points (It can be tough to know what you’re supposed to do at times and the power of your attacks could do with being increased), but on the whole, it’s a great 4th wall breaking puzzle platforming adventure well worth checking out. We certainly look forward to seeing more of Omni’s surprises in the future.

Note: The error you get at start-up is intentional. Just type ‘yes’ to start the game.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Omni Alpha Demo here (Windows)