Tale Of The Tildebeest – Game Jam Build

tale of the tildebeest

Tale Of The Tildebeest is a visually stunning first person experience that sees you protecting a herd of tildebeest from zombies as they roam the land.

You are the lone survivor of the civilization of Grammaria – a civilisation that crumbled as the TXTMSG pandemic swept the land, leaving hordes of incoherent cellphone zombies in its wake.  You must follow and protect a herd of tildebeest along their migration route, which will take you to your destination.

The gameplay so far in Tale Of The Tildebeest is fairly basic, but the visual splendour of the world that you roam in is fantastic.  Every object in the game is made up of writing which signifies what it is, from the ground to the zombies that roam the land.  The landscape really does look stunning, especially thanks to the functioning day/night cycles.

Unfortunately the devs ran out of time while making the game as they spent too much time on those amazing aesthetics.  The current build only features the first half of a level, but thankfully they’re  continuing to build on it, so we’ll be able to soak in more of those eye-popping visuals from the spectacular world of the tildebeest.

Download the Game Jam Build HERE (Don’t use Chrome, Google hates GameJolt)