Tale of Toast – Open Alpha

Tale of Toast is a cheerful old school MMORPG that allows players to enjoy tactical combat, procedurally generated dungeons, charming visuals and high stakes open world PvP.

Set in the colorful land of Astaria, Tale of Toast offers players an easily accessible and joyful MMORPG experience with core gameplay that draws from classic old school MMORPGs. It features satisfyingly tactical combat, an open ended character upgrade system, lots of trade skills to master (mining, carpentry, cooking, etc.) and procedurally generated dungeons that scale to the players level,

Astaria is one large open world, filled with different biomes, towns, capitals and mines to explore. There’s a focus on quality over quantity when it comes to quests too – so you won’t be wasting time on lots of pointless missions. You’ll embark on epic quests with meaningful unlocks and the devs also promise absolutely no pay to win (you will be able to pay for cosmetic items, pets, guild features, character renames and realm transfers if you want to support the games development though)

Even at this stage of development it’s already a solid and enjoyable old school MMORPG experience. It’s pretty incredible that the whole thing is just being created by two devs. For such a small team they’re doing a lot right – crafting a lighthearted, easily accessible MMORPG that does away with lots of the frustrations of modern MMORPGs.

Note: Due to high demand the devs has been having issues with the servers, so if you can’t log on, try again later (and please don’t white a nasty Steam review because of it, it is a VERY small dev team and they’re trying to cope as best they can with the high demand!).

Download The Tale of Toast Alpha Here (Steam)