Tales Of Cosmos – Beta Demo (Steam)

tales of cosmos

Tales of Cosmos is a charming point and click space adventure in which you help a little dog and a monkey as they repair their ship, explore space and discover beautifully drawn Little Prince-esque planetoids.

You control the dog (Perseus) and the monkey (Professor Gagayev) independently with each one having their own strengths – Perseus can bark very loudly and offer some great insight into objects and characters, while Professor Gagayev has access to the inventory and enjoys hitting things.  The amount of detail that has gone into creating the large open universe is very impressive, offering clever puzzle design, memorable characters and beautiful hand drawn visuals.

The Beta Demo offers up a sizable chunk of the game, allowing you to explore a selection of planetoids in the cosmos (once you figure out way to build a ship), and experience plenty of it’s wonderful artwork and fiendish puzzles.  Even in these early stages of development, it draws favourable comparisons to Machinarium, but with a little more color and a lot more cute animal cosmonauts.  If you love a good point and click adventure Tales of Cosmos is certainly worth checking out – a space odyssey with bags of character and charm.

Tip: Keep an eye out for small objects scattered around the ground on the first planet – you’ll need them to create a ship and gain access to the other planets!

Download The Tales Of Cosmos Beta Demo via Steam HERE (Win & Mac)