Tales of Rhayne – Open Alpha


Tales of Rhayne (#torthegame) is an impressive new action RPG with a unique levelling system, deep combat systems and roguelike elements such as perma-injury and permadeath.

Playable in singleplayer campaign (not available yet), co-op horde-esque matches with up to 16 other players or 64 player PvP, Tales of Rhayne offers a unique take on the action RPG genre. We first featured in on Alpha Beta Gamer way back in 2014, and it’s come a long way since then, especially with regards to the combat and character levelling systems.

The combat system is built from the ground up to be more realistic than traditional RPGs which have never strayed too far from the traditional Dungeons and Dragons formula. When a level 1 character comes up against a level 10 character, instead of doing varying amounts of damage, they’ll both do the same amount of damage but the level 10 player will dodge and parry more. This means that even a level 1 character can take down a level 10 character if they land a lucky blow or fight strategically (no-one can dodge and parry an attack from behind).

Tales of Rhayne also features a great take on the levelling system, with you unable to see what level another character is in the game and instead must guess by observing their looks and their gear. There’s also a randomized element to the way you acquire abilities, with you throwing a set of dice and being able to pick more powerful attributes depending on how well you do. There are lots of ways you can upgrade and customize your character as you progress, but don’t get too attached to them – characters can pick up permanent injuries in battle that will have a considerable affect on how they play (such as an archer injuring their hand and being unable to use a bow), and there’s even a small chance of permadeath in every fight.

It’s still early in development, but Tales of Rhayne has a LOT of great ideas that feel like a breath of fresh air in the action RPG genre. It can be a little complex to get your head around initially, but thankfully the chat system is very intuitive and the community are very helpful so with a bit of luck you’ll be slaying monsters, collecting loot and levelling up in no time! We’ll see you on the battlefield!

Note: Remember to keep checking if you can level up your stats by pressing ‘C’ and your Skills by pressing ‘N’. It really helps!

Note 2: You only have access to a few character classes when you start, but more are unlocked as you play. Press ‘Esc’ then ‘Switch Character to be able to create a new character without leaving the game.

Note 3: Enemies sometimes drop cash and equipment in bags, press ‘E’ to loot them.

UPDATE: This Alpha Is No Longer Available