Talesworth – Open Beta

Talesworth features an addictive fusion of incremental clicker and MMORPG gameplay in which you craft items, kill monsters, and purchase upgrades to keep your grinding to the max.

In Talesworth you are an adventurer, looking to be the best in the land. You have some skill in fighting, however, you don’t have much experience. It seems like every town is looking for help with killing off monsters – so  you are going to fulfill these quests. Once you are in the field, your character will automatically move around – going from citizen to monster, and then back to the citizen to earn XP and coins for their kills. If you’d like to help your character out, you can click on monsters to attack them – sometimes killing them off before your character even gets there.

Your character moves quite quickly, unless collecting materials. When you start collecting materials – which can then be used for crafting or selling to other vendors – your character will move super slowly across the screen. You can speed it up, but then you won’t receive as many materials. When crafting, you can gain new armor and materials to help you become stronger, or make some expensive items to sell for more loot.

Upgrading and switching out your armor will really help your character fight! Gaining gold will also help you purchase upgrades from the town – things like a larger bag are very helpful in the field. As you fight more quests, you will increase in level, unlocking new items to craft and new areas to explore.

It’s an addictive game, whether you’re letting your character explore on their own for a while or taking an active role by clicking away all the enemies. A great little bit of idle RPG grinding well worth checking out.

UPDATE: This Beta Is No Longer Available