Talk to Me – Beta Download

Talk to Me is a very clever little puzzle platforming adventure where you can interact with character’s speech bubbles in some inventive ways.

Created by students from the POLIMI Game Collective, in Talk to Me you follow the adventure of a young boy who never really manages to get a word in edgeways as the rest of the people in his town are always talking. Thankfully though he can use this to his advantage as he can interact with their speech balloons in interesting ways – such as using them as platforms. Not all of the speech bubbles are helpful though – some can block your path or even harm you so getting the townsfolk to say the right thing at the right time is key.

It’s a fairly simple looking game, with a charming small-town setting and vibrant visuals. It’s built around a fantastic concept and it allows for some very creative puzzle design. A speech-filled puzzle platformer well worth talking about.

Download or Play The Talk to Me Beta Here (Windows & Browser)