TAMUTU – Game Jam Build

TAMUTU is a tricky little boss rush twin-stick shooter where you can choose to either sacrifice your innocence or your time as you attempt to beat four challenging bosses.

You start TAMUTU in a cheerful looking cartoon world throwing berries at a large cartoon duck. However, once you beat the duck you are given a choice that will affect how the rest of the game plays out dramatically – you must choose whether to sacrifice your time or your innocence. Sacrificing your time literally means that you have to wait for a whole hour to move on to the next level while sacrificing your innocence starts to give you glimpses of what’s really going on beneath TAMUTU’s cheerful cartoony facade.

The boss battling twin-stick gameplay is fun and the bosses are well designed, but what really impresses is TAMUTU surprisingly deep story. While playing through the “sacrifice innocence” pathway you learn exactly who you are and who the bosses are that you’re defeating. However, if you sacrifice your time and wait for a full hour then you’ll preserve your innocence, not learn any of the story and continue battling cheerful looking monsters in your charming cartoon world (which is what your character’s father wants for you).

It’s a fun little game with some hidden layers of depth below its fast cheerful paced boss battling top-down shooter action. An interesting little shooter well worth checking out.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download or Play TAMUTU Here (Windows & Browser)