Tanki X – Open Beta


Tanki X is a online multiplayer tank combat game that we first featured during the Closed Beta that forgoes gritty realism for fast, fun and spectacle-filled tank-on-tank combat.

Tanki X adopts a more fast paced and arcadey feel than the super serious World of Tanks and War Thunder franchises, with a focus on responsive controls, big explosions and fun gameplay. Each tank is made up of a chassis and a gun, the chassis feature different armor, manoeuvrability and speed stats and each gun has a different type of firepower and a set range. Each chassis works with each gun, so you can interchange them to come up with a solution that’s best for you, there’s some very cool weaponry too, so it’s worth experimenting.

It’s a fun and easily accessible game, full of action-focused gameplay, carnage and explosions. A tank warfare game that ditches simulation in favor of stimulation.

Join in The Tanki X Open Beta Here