Tanuki Sunset – Alpha Demo

Tanuki Sunset is a gloriously strange and incredibly cool synthwave downhill skating game where you control a raccoon on a longboard as he navigates twisty synthwave-themed roads.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer when it was a prototype build, Tanuki Sunset is a downhill longboarding game that’s guarunteed to make you smile. In the game you take control of a raccoon called Tanuki who pilots a longboard at blistering speeds – racing downhill through procedurally generated roads accompanied by an excellent synthwave soundtrack.

The longboard is built more for speed than tricks, but Tanuki can spin the board to face the opposite direction, drift and do the occasional trick when jumping off ramps. Pulling off stunts and near misses earns you points and drifting particularly comes in handy for navigating tight corners (it looks incredibly cool too). There are also lots of ‘bits’ to collect on the road, which you can use to purchase new clothes, accessories and equipment back at the skate shop.

There’s a real joy to playing Tanuki Sunset. It’s not just just the silliness of controlling a raccoon on a skateboard, it’s the funky synthwave tunes, the vibrant pulsing visuals and the addictive arcade gameplay. This furry little skateboarding trash panda is guaranteed to brighten up your day. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

To download the Tanuki Sunset Alpha demo, just join the official Discord group and go to the #announcements channel. You’ll be able to download the latest Windows and Mac builds there.

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