TAPE – Alpha Download

TAPE is a creepy and cleverly constructed time bending first person puzzle adventure in which you rewind and fast forward objects in time using an old Super8 video camera.

In TAPE you take on the role of Erin, a young woman who’s attempting to unravel the real story of what happened to her missing father. It takes place (mostly) in an abandoned hospital which has a mysterious shadowy entity haunting it. To progress you’ll have to explore the hospital, avoid the entity and solve innovative puzzles using your Super8 video camera.

Your Super8 video camera can be used to rewind and fast forward certain objects within the game world forward and back in time. This can be used in a variety of ways, such as moving objects that block your path, repairing broken objects or even creating doorways to new areas. It’s a fun gameplay mechanic that is used in lots of inventive ways throughout the TAPE’s 15 minute play time.

Even in these early stages of development TAPE is a very polished, cerebral, surreal and spooky adventure with well designed time bending gameplay and lots inventive puzzle design. Highly recommended.

Download TAPE Here (Windows)