Tape Escape – Game Jam Build Download

Tape Escape, a unique and challenging platformer made for the GM48: One Tool, Many Options has you using your trusty tape measure to fling and fly your way towards the top of a construction site.

In Tape Escape you are a construction site working who is never without their trusty industrial tape measure. Towards the middle of your day, you have made it all the way down to the bottom of the skyscraper you are helping to construct. Once at the bottom, you have realized that you left your lunch back at the top. Your lunch break isn’t very long, so you need to quickly make your way back up the skyscraper and get your grub. A worker cannot construct buildings on am empty stomach after all!

Your tape measure is a big help when it comes to making it back up towards the top – you must stretch out its length and use it to grapple onto hooks and walls. This will allow you to fling towards the end, hopefully landing on something solid before taking off again. Your tape measure can also push buttons and move objects like cones around – both actions come in handy as you scale the tower. You will need to really learn to master your tape measure if you are going to make it to the top! Cans of soda are hidden in challenging places around the level to really test your measuring skills.

It uses a grappling hook-esque device in a novel way, making for a unique challenge as you propel yourself up the tower. A fun little tape based platformer that really measures up!

Download Tape Escape Here (Windows)