Tape – Game Jam Build Download

Tape is a very stylish hand drawn point and click adventure where you play a government operative who works in total isolation and spies on people for a living.

Created for the Adventure Jam 2020, Tape takes place in a dystopian future where an authoritarian government keeps a keen eye on its citizens. You are one of the operatives who are tasked with spying on the citizens. You’re new at the job, but it seems fairly simple – you listen to tapes that are sent to you each day and then decide whether they have anything suspicious on them. However, in such a strict and paranoid governmental regime, most things seem suspicious…

Taking around 20 minutes to play through (and featuring multiple endings), Tape really impresses with its beautiful hand drawn artwork, stylish cutscenes and intriguing narrative. You learn a lot about the world and the stories of the people within it as you listen to the tapes, and make some tough moral decisions as you decide who to report. You’re definitely on the wrong side in this game, but maybe you can help a little bit!

Download Tape Here (Windows & Mac)