TAPE: Unveil the Memories – Alpha Demo

TAPE: Unveil the Memories is a creepy Spanish psychological horror adventure with puzzle elements where you use an old Super 8 video camera to manipulate time.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2017, TAPE: Unveil the Memories is a first person horror adventure where you use a time bending Super 8 video camera to find out what happened to your missing father. While the previous build was much more puzzle focused, the new build is much more horror and narrative based and takes around 20 minutes to play through.

Drawing inspiration from SOMA and Silent Hill, in TAPE: Unveil the Memories you take on the role of Iria, a young woman whose father mysteriously went missing years ago. Then one day Iria discovers a mysterious VHS tape which has a recording of her father on it and suddenly she’s sucked into a surreal nightmare world built from the deepest memories of her past.

The Super 8 camera basically allows you to steal time from certain objects and use that time energy to move other objects forwards and backwards in time. You don’t get much hands on time with the camera in this build as it only appears near the end, but it’s a clever premise that should allow for some innovative puzzle design.

It’s a very promising horror game with some wonderfully surreal architecture, clever use of environmental storytelling, interesting time bending mechanics and a genuinely scary looking monster lurking about. A tense video camera horror adventure well worth pressing play on.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The TAPE: Unveil the Memories Alpha Demo Here (Windows)