Tau Station – Open Alpha

Tau Station is a very impressive browser based text-based massively multiplayer RPG set in a lore rich universe 189 years since humanity was almost wiped out by an unknown entity.

First featured on Alpha Beta Gamer last year while it was in closed Alpha, Tau Station offers a narrative-focused test-based massively multiplayer experience in a Sci-Fi universe that feels fondly reminiscent of Star Wars and Mass Effect. You start the game just trying to get by – accepting missions, chatting to NPC’s, upgrading your stats. But as you progress you’ll discover hundreds of stories and unravel an exciting plot that may link back to that fateful event that almost wiped out humanity 189 years ago.

Tau Station is a text-based adventure but it still manages to look great. There’s lots of great hand drawn artwork that flushes out the backgrounds and the UI is clean and easy to use. There’s a lot going on at Tau Station and a vast amount of missions and activities you can carry out You can play the game your way and at your pace, tailoring your character to suit your playstyle and choosing from a variety of different career paths.

Tau Station may only be text-based but that doesn’t make it feel any less epic than the likes of Star Wars and Mass Effect. The writing is excellent, creating and a fully fleshed out universe with lots of interesting lore and fun surprises to discover. It’s an epic Sci-Fi MMORPG that puts the fiction before fancy 3D visuals – everybody knows that the imagination is the most powerful graphical processor anyway!

Join in The Tau Station Open Alpha Here (Browser)