Tax-Force – Beta Demo

Tax-Force is a comic book styled rogue-lite side-scrolling beat ‘em up where heavily armed tax men hunt down mutant billionaires and make them pay their bills.

Drawing inspiration from Jim Lee and 90’s X-Men comics, Tax-Force feels a lot like if Judge Dredd was a tax enforcement officer. It takes place in a 2000AD style future and sees you making billionaires pay their debt so that the planet doesn’t go bankrupt. What this basically means is that you get to beat up lots of goons and be on the right side of the law!

The combat in Tax-Force is melee-focused, with you able to dodge-roll, kick, puns and use special abilities (such as astral projection and optic blasts). The game also promises a branching narrative, where your decisions can have real consequences.

The character movement has a deliberate low frame-rate which looks very cool, but could maybe do with a little tweaking for screen movement in the dodge-roll. Aside from that though it’s a very promising beat ‘em up with fun gameplay and a great visual style. And it’s a helpful reminder to always pay your taxes!

Download The Tax-Force Beta Demo Here (Steam)

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