Teabat! – Beta Demo

Teabat! is a quirky and beautifully animated 2D action platforming adventure where a little guardian bat sets out to stop spooky ghosts from stealing all the tea from its Camomile Forest.

In Teabat! you take control of a cute little bat who has awoken to find that a variety of spooks are stealing all the tea from its forest. You must now make your way through the forest, bopping ghosts on the head and collecting all the tea that’s scattered about the place.

There’s no shortage of pixel art action platformers around, but there’s something Teabat! that feels very unique. Aside from a couple of boss fights, the gameplay is very easy, so it feels like it’s more about exploring and having fun than challenging the player (which makes a nice change). There’s lots to discover and there’s even a shop you can drop by to purchase lots of new color palettes.

Relegating the gameplay to a small section of the screen seems like an odd choice initially, but you soon warm to it. The pixel art animation is superb and the various palette unlocks really make the world shine. It’s a very interesting little world too, with lots to discover and the final boss fight is pretty epic. You won’t regret dropping in for a cuppa with this delightful little tea-based platforming adventure.

Download The Teabat! Beta Demo Here (Windows & Android)