Teacup – Beta Demo

Teacup is a wholesome narrative-driven adventure about a little frog girl who loves tea and reading books.

In Teacup you follow the adventure of a young introverted frog who is throwing a tea party in a couple of days time. However, she’s run out of tea and will have to set out and explore the surrounding woodland in search of some. Along the way she’ll discover new places, chat to new people, complete minigames and solve puzzles. Many of the characters you meet will be more than happy to chat and help Teacup on her quest for tea, but you may have to do something for them first – such as rearranging a market stall or beating them in a swimming race.

The demo build of Teacup features a sizable chunk of gameplay and it makes for a very pleasant experience. The puzzles/minigames are well implemented and add a nice bit of variety to the proceedings. The beautifully illustrated woodland is a delightful place to explore, with lots of beautiful scenery and quirky characters to meet. A happy little adventure that will warm your heart more than a hot cup of tea!

Download the Teacup Beta Demo Here (Steam)