Tech Support: Error Unknown – Beta Demo

Tech Support: Error Unknown is a narrative driven cell phone tech support simulator where all is not what it seems as you unravel a conspiracy and deal with your own personal problems while also dealing with customers.

In Tech Support: Error Unknown you take on the role of a newly appointed tech support specialist working for a large telecommunications company. The game plays out via a faux Windows desktop, with you able to log in, browse the web, check emails and open applications that allow you to perform your tech support duties.

The current demo build of Tech Support: Error Unknown features the first two days of your employment, with you being taught the ropes on the first day, then dealing with some harder to please callers (and some unexpected callers) on the second day. The user interface is very easy to use, but on the second day you may find it hard to please all of your callers, especially as some of them are after more than just advice about their phone.

It’s a great concept that not only does a good simulation of the stresses of real tech support, but also manages to deliver its intriguing narrative solely via your virtual desktop. An inventive blend of narrative, simulation and puzzle gameplay well worth logging into.

Check Out a Tech Support: Error Unknown Gameplay Video Here

Download The Tech Support: Error Unknown Beta Demo Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)