Technicity – Beta Demo

Technicity is a first person city building game that plays like a blend of Minecraft and Cities: Skylines, with you able to build entire cities block by block.

Playable in single-player or online co-op, Technicity is a city building game where you physically build the city. You can build structures brick by brick (muck like in Minecraft) or you can use machines such as cranes to speed up the progress. You’re also able to terraform the land, build roads and drive vehicles such as cars, construction machinery and planes. There’s a wide range of types of residential and commercial buildings you can create and you can also build moving structures, such as automated garage doors or factories that create useful objects.

It’s an impressive looking game that takes Minecraft’s build-and-play philosophy and supersizes it to make it easy to construct and play around in massive cities. Sign up for the Beta to start building early.

Download The Technicity Beta Here (Windows)