Technotopia – Open Beta

Technotopia is a card-based roguelike city-builder where you attempt to build a utopian metropolis that balances the power of four different factions.

In Technotopia you are tasked with using a deck of cards to build a vast metropolis made up of residential districts, skyscrapers, parks and highways. As you build you’ll also encounter different events which require you to make important decisions that will affect your city and the people within it. Your choices will also affect the balance of power between four factions (aristocrats, politicians, capitalists and common people) – something you’ll really need to keep an eye on if you want to try and appease them all.

It’s an interesting take on the city-building genre where you don’t have to worry about money, but do have to worry about a finely perched balance of power. Join in the Beta to see if you can bring balance to your metropolis!

Join in The Technotopia Beta Here (Click “Request Access”)