Teddy Terror – Alpha Demo

teddy terror

Teddy Terror is a creepy 2D horror survival roguelike with a Binding of Isaac vibe, in which you use traps and toys to fend off ghoulish enemies and escape a nightmare world.

You play a little boy who is lost in a nightmare, with only his teddybear as company.  This world is a dangerous place, full of freaky abominations an monstrous bosses, but thankfully you can find upgrades, loot and toys to aid your progress.  The toys that you find can be used to attack enemies, but your main way of killing them is by luring them into traps and temporally slowing them with your teddy.

It’s a tough game, so you’ll die a lot, but each run will earn you XP, allowing you to level up your character for the next run and increase your chances of success.  The passive aggressive gameplay of Teddy Terror makes for a unique experience, with you having to think on your feet as you lure the monsters to their doom.  It’s a challenging game with inventive gameplay and gorgeously grotesque pixel art – a nightmare you won’t want to wake up from.

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Download the Alpha Demo HERE (Win Only)