Teeny Tiny Town – Beta Demo

Teeny Tiny Town is a charming and very addictive city building puzzle game where you combine objects to make more complex objects and make your city better.

The gameplay of Teeny Tiny Town is a little like 2048, but with you combining low poly resources rather than numbers. You have a rather compact grid to build your city in, and you are given a random assortment of resources to place within it. If you place three of the same resource next to each other then they will combine into a more complex resource (3x buses = 1 tree, 3x trees = 1 lumber yard, etc.).

The aim is to keep placing resources and combining them for as long as possible before you run out of space. As you progress you earn cash which you can use to purchase specific resources or abilities (bulldozer, swap, etc.), and some maps even expand as you play, giving you access to more space.

At the moment the way it automatically places an object before you click where you’d like it to permanently remain is a little confusing (it would be better just to not place the piece or have the piece follow your cursor until you place it). Aside from that though, it’s an excellent game that delivers a chilled out and addictive city building experience. See how big your Teeny Tiny Town can get!

Download The Teeny Tiny Town Beta Demo Here (Steam)