Temple of ADVENTURE – Game Jam Build Download

Temple of ADVENTURE Game Download

Temple of ADVENTURE is a short, silly and witty written Stanley Parable-esque adventure in which you attempt to make it through the splash screens, pre-game menus, opening cinematics and other such pre-game fluff to actually play the game, which promises to be a truly epic adventure that would put Tomb Raider and Uncharted to shame.

In Temple of ADVENTURE you’re joined by a Stanley Parable-esque narrator who is the rather hapless game dev who coded the game. He’s very proud of his work and it promises to be an absolutely rip-roaring adventure, full of danger, treasure, cutting edge Unreal Engine 4-powered visuals and heartfelt emotion as you fight to save the woman you love. However, there are a few complications, which the developer/narrator humorously points out as you make your way through the pre-game menus, loading screens and other pre-game elements.

Taking around 15 minutes to complete, it’s a fun little game, packed full of wonderfully witty narration and great voice acting that transforms what would be a mundane walk through pre-game fluff into a genuine laugh out loud experience, with lots fourth wall breaking game development humor. A short and silly little ‘adventure’ that’s certain to raise a smile.

Download Temple of ADVENTURE Here (Windows)