Temple of Light – Prototype Download

temple of light

Temple of Light is a challenging Unreal Engine 4-powered first person puzzle adventure game in which you use beams of light and platforming skills to help you solve the mysteries of a lost civilization and escape an ancient pyramid.

The three puzzles available in the prototype are based around three elements, and will test your platforming ability as well as your grey matter. All the puzzles require you to line up an array of light beams so that they activate mechanisms, but will test your skills in different ways – the fire and the water puzzles are based on logic, but the air puzzle is more of a test of your platforming skills as you jump from roof to roof of a large underground city.

Although some textures can look a little bland, visually Temple of Light is very impressive, and the puzzles walk the fine line of frustration and satisfaction very well. A fun puzzle adventure well worth shining a light on.

Note: upon Unzipping The Game, You’ll Find The .exe in \Temple Of Light V.5\WindowsNoEditor\Temple\Binaries\Win32

Download the Temple of Light Prototype Here (Windows)