Tempo – Prototype Download


Tempo is a beautiful pixel art puzzle adventure inspired by Fez and Journey, in which your character has the ability to speed up the day/night cycles, and use the shadows cast by the sun to solve puzzles.

Created by André Rache, a student at PUC-RIO University, Tempo is a fabulous piece of game design. As in Journey, the game is played entirely without any instructions or dialogue – you simply explore it’s beautiful and mysterious pixel art world, make discoveries and figure out how you can use them to solve puzzles.

The Tempo Prototype is quite short, and can be completed within 10 minutes, but the artwork, audio and puzzles are excellent throughout. Hopefully the dev continues to work on the project as we’d love to venture into it’s vibrant shadow-manipulating world again.

Check Out a Tempo Gameplay Video Here (Contains Spoilers)

Download The Tempo Prototype Here