Tempo Quest – Game Jam Build

Tempo Quest is a charming and cheerful rhythm-action RPG that sees you controlling band members who slay monsters with their music!

Playable with 1 to 4 players, in Tempo Quest you select a band member then set out on a quest to gather four monster hearts and rid Tempo City of the strange monsters that have invaded it. There’s a variety of band members to choose from, each with their own stats and musical instruments (guitars, drums & triangles) and you can purchase upgrades from the various shops that are scattered around the city.

You explore the land, battle monsters, conquer dungeons and collect loot as in a traditional RPG but the way you do combat is very different. Tempo Quest‘s combat is rhythm action based, with you pressing directions to hammer out riffs which send attacks flying at the enemies. The larger the combo you manage to build up, the more damage you do.

It’s a fun little adventure, with charming pixel art visuals and rhythm action combat that works surprisingly well. A whimsical musical RPG adventure where you use the beat to bring the beat down.

Download Tempo Quest Here (Windows)