Tempus Fugit – Game Jam Build

Tempus Fugit is a pleasant little game where you chat to passengers on a train to collect enough memories to play for your fare.

You’ve been caught without a ticket by the ticket inspector on the train you’re travelling on. Thankfully rather than throwing you off the train the ticket inspector is happy for you to pay with memories. You now need to chat to the various passengers aboard the train, telling your own stories to encourage them to reveal some of their most personal memories – which you can then use to purchase your ticket!

Taking around 10 minutes to play through, there’s not much in the way of gameplay in Tempus Fugit (you just chat to each character and collect their stories), but the art style is excellent, the characters are interesting and the various stories all feel very real and personal. A short and sweet little train journey full of interesting little stories to discover.

Download Tempus Fugit Here (Win, Mac & Linux)