Tempy Porten Color – Game Jam Build

Tempy Porten Color (テンピーポーテンカラー) is a clever little physics based puzzle game where you alter the color of each level to make structures and people of the same color disappear and reappear.

In Tempy Porten Color you goal is to get your people from the start of each level to the finish. They walk automatically much like in Lemmings, but you can remove and add different structural elements of the levels by changing the color of the level’s background. Matching the background to a similarly colored structures makes it disappear and this can also be used to make different colored characters temporarily disappear too.

It’s s simple premise that’s very well executed and has some very inventive puzzle design that makes great use of the color swapping mechanics. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Play Tempy Porten Color Here (Browser)