TemTem – Beta Sign Up

TemTem is a charming looking Pokémon inspired massively multiplayer creature-collecting adventure set in an archipelago of floating islands.

Looking very much like an evolution of the classic Pokémon style monster-collecting RPG adventure, TemTem sees you trying to catch ‘em all and become the ultimate TemTem trainer. The main difference here being that it’s set in a massively multiplayer online world, allowing you to go on co-op adventures, trade and battle other players to see who is the best trainer.

TemTem features six large islands to explore, packed full of wild TemTem to catch and train. To become the ultimate trainer you’ll have to find the best TemTem and defeat the eight dojo leaders. There’s also lots of character customization options and you can even buy, decorate and furnish your own house.

At the extremely slow rate that the Pokémon games are introducing new features it’ll most likely be another decade until we get a proper massively multiplayer Pokémon outing, but TemTem looks like it could fill that demand nicely. The visuals are beautiful, the TemTem monster designs are fun and the online features are very welcome. Sign up now to venture forth and catch your first TemTem!

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