Ten Suns – Prototype Download

Ten Suns

Ten Suns is a third person action adventure game set in ancient mythical China where villages and the people in them are burnt to a crisp, and you, a legendary archer, are tasked to track down and kill those resposible for the chaos – ten colossal sun birds.

There is a remarkable amount of detail in the main character and the fire birds for a prototype, with fun combat that sees you dodging attacks from enemy and shooting with your trusty bow and arrow.  There’s also some amazing animated 2D art and some great touches, such as the voices of the dead calling out when you touch them.

It’s a wonderful place to explore, with beautiful vistas, secrets, fun bow and arrow combat and cool boss fights.  We’d certainly love to see more of Ten Suns.

Follow the game’s development HERE

Download the Ten Suns Prototype HERE