Ten Terror Filled Treats For Halloween!


Looking for some terror-filled treats to play this halloween?  We’ve got you covered.  Here are ten of our favourite horror games we’ve featured over the last year.  Have a delightful and frightful halloween!

Play With Me – a terrifying first person horror in which you attempt to escape from a house that’s haunted by a very freaky clown ghost.

Letter To A Friend – a freaky first person horror that draws inspiration from old silent movies and analogue recordings to create a short, surreal and very scary experience.

Pictures of a Reasonably Documented Year – You find an old computer and investigate the files on it. Was the owner insane or was something sinister really going on?

Never Look Back – a well crafted lovecraftian point and click adventure in which you face your inner demons and attempt to escape a nightmarish mansion.

The House Abandon – an intense text based adventure created by one of the Alien Isolation devs, in which the environment you’re playing in reacts around you – so much so that we guarantee that you’ll look over your own shoulder a few times while playing it!

Ghost City Rising – a fun first person roguelite in which you attempt to scale a high rise apartment block that’s packed full of haunted furniture!

The Final One – a very creepy (and unintentionally weird) FPS horror adventure in which you attempt to uncover the occult mysteries surrounding a doll museum in which all the exhibits have started to come to life!

Anxiety: Lost Night – a point-and-click horror game in which you play as a young woman who, after experiencing some sort of panic attack, finds her car has stalled at the side of the road. Can you get it started?

POWER DRILL MASSACRE – an absolutely terrifying third person survival horror that draws inspiration from 80’s video nasty slasher flicks and PS1-era survival horror games to create a grimy, sinister, suspense-filled adventure that’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

The Room – a jump scare filled low rez first-person horror game, in which you must navigate ten rooms, and use an Aliens-style motion detector to avoid invisible monster (well, invisible until it jumps out and scares the living daylights out of you anyway).