Tenderfoot Tactics: The Foreverlands – Alpha Demo

Tenderfoot Tactics: The Foreverlands is a very stylish and elegant take on the tactical turn based RPG genre, where your team of goblins explores a vast open world and attempts to find a way to stop the mysterious fog that has enshrouded it.

It draws inspiration from classic Final Fantasy Tactics and X-Com style turn-based tactical RPGs, but Tenderfoot Tactics: The Foreverlands feels like a very fresh take on the genre. The current build is a standalone prologue to the upcoming Tenderfoot Tactics, giving you a huge chunk of the world to explore and a nice selection of the full game’s units to try out.

You start the game with three goblin scouts who can roam the fog-enshrouded lands freely. There are markers on your map that indicate temples where you take part in special “boss” battles, but to get there you’ll have to pass by various other hostile bands of goblins. If you get near to one of these bands of goblins then it triggers a fight and the game switches to turn based combat mode.

During the turn based combat mode your control your goblins much as you would in X-Com, moving them and attacking one at a time. There’s a nice amount of depth to the combat and you can even manipulate elements of the battlefield to your advantage – such as boiling lakes, creating chasms and starting fires.

As you progress you can unlock new abilities for your goblins and as your scouts level up you can decide if you want to evolve them into a different type of unit (so for instance, when your scout reached level 3 you can decide whether to evolve them into an Archer or a Knight). You also collect loot from your battles which you can equip to your units to increase their stats.

It’s a very impressive game, with a striking visual style and easily accessible, yet satisfyingly deep approach to turn-based tactical RPG gameplay. It’s a joy exploring the vast open world, filled with enemies to fight and mysterious structures hidden in its foggy folds. A unique, stylish and refreshing tactical RPG adventure well worth checking out.

Check Out A Gameplay Video Here

Download Tenderfoot Tactics: The Foreverlands Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)