Tendril: Echo Received – Alpha Download

Tendril: Echo Received is a Sci-Fi reverse horror stealth action game that draws inspiration from the original Alien movie and Eldritch horror as a bloodthirsty monster hunts soldiers, cultists and demonic witches.

In Tendril: Echo Received you take control of a deadly little creature whose goal is to awaken an ancient Eldritch entity from its eternal slumber. You’re agile and deadly, but also vulnerable to attack, so you need to sneak up on the soldiers that are hunting you, using the element of surprise to get the drop on them. Along the way you’ll also unlock more special abilities that add more stealth, attack and movement options to your arsenal.

Because it’s a 2D reverse horror game where you’re a monster that kills humans, it’s inevitable that Tendril: Echo Received will be compared to Carrion. It’s a very different game though with much more of a focus on precision, speed and stealth. In fact, your little monster is more akin to a ninja, as it darts about in the shadows and uses ambush tactics to eliminate those pesky humans. It’s a lot of fun, with excellent pixel art animation, cool special abilities and challenging compact levels. Highly recommended.

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Download The Tendril: Echo Received Alpha Demo Here (Windows)