Tenebris Somnia – Alpha Demo

Tenebris Somnia is a well crafted pixel art survival horror adventure with a very cool trick up its sleeve.

In Tenebris Somnia you are a young woman who has been having nightmares about her ex-boyfriend being attacked by monsters. You decide to go around his house and see if he’s okay. He doesn’t seem to be home, but you have your old key so you let yourself in. The apartment is a mess and it seems he may have been taking the break-up very badly. You have a look around and start to investigate…

The current Tenebris Somnia demo takes around 20 minutes to play through and is best played blind (without even reading the Steam page description). The gameplay draws inspiration from Silent Hill and Resident Evil, but with a cool NES inspired 8-bit aesthetic. There’s a little puzzle solving and a little melee-based combat (though when the monster first appears, you’ll probably be in so much shock from what just happened that you’ll die instantly). Needless to say it’s a very promising survival horror game and you should definitely play the demo to completion!

Check Out a Tenebris Somnia Gameplay Video Here

Download The Tenebris Somnia Alpha Demo Here (Steam)