TENET – Beta Download

TENET is an incredibly intense, gore-filled third person shooter that sees you attempting to blast your way through waves of demonic monstrosities with a heavily armed mech!

The core gameplay of TENET is simple but action packed, with you taking control of a mech that’s trapped within a shadowy arena in a nightmarish underworld and attempting to blast your way through as many demons as possible. The arena doesn’t contain any structures or environmental objects – it’s just you and a sh*t load of demons in a brutal fight to the death.

You need to keep moving and keep shooting to survive, but you also have to be careful not to step out of the light that illuminates the arena – stray too far and it’ll be your doom. There are a LOT of demons to take on, with new types introduced at the end of each round and an climactic boss fight to deal with at the end if you make it that far.

You really need to keep your wits around you as the demons are relentless, but you do have a few useful abilities that will aid your progress – you have infinite bullets, a dash move, a punch and a powerful stomp. Do well and you’ll even be able to unleash your special ability that powers up your attacks for a short time. It’s unlikely you’ll make it far on your first run, but each time you play you earn tokens that can be used to purchase randomized upgrades, four of which can be equipped at a time, which can greatly increase your chances.

TENET may not be the most sophisticated of games, but it’s perfect for short doses of intense demon blasting fun. Relentless and brutal run and gun action that doesn’t even give you time to blink.

Check Out a Gamplay Video Here

Download The TENET Beta Here (Steam)