Tenjiku – Alpha Demo


Tenjiku, a game being created by Copper Pick Studios, is a 2D run, gun and slash platformer that brings out your inner ninjutsu skills to take revenge on those that have done you wrong.

You play the game as Shiro Takayama, a once peaceful man who’s had his life turned upside down. Wielding a gun and your most precious sword you must avoid the police and take down all that oppose you. Your goal is to confront Mr Niimura, who has framed you for the crimes he is committing, and take down him and his empire to clear your name and avenge you slain family members.

The game utilises the mouse to point and aim your gun in 360 degrees so that no enemy has a chance of escaping. Your sword is also at your finger tips, hacking up enemies in one quick slices. With these two trusted weapons you also have the most powerful ability of all, the ability to slow down time. This ability allows you to jump higher and further than ever before and gives you cat like reflexes to avoid incoming enemies and gun fire. You can also find collectables along the way that can be used to unlock more upgrades to make you move faster, have longer slow mo and even upgrade your fire rate and power.

This beautifully styled pixel run, shoot and slash platformer will have you begging for more, as you slowly become the ninja you were always born to be.

NOTE: The mouse isn’t locked to the gaming screen (as seen in my video review below). Be sure to play this in full screen mode and if you use two monitors be careful of leaving the games border

Check out the Greenlight Page Here

Download the Tenjiku Alpha Demo Here