TennisHero – Game Jam Build

TennisHero, a challenging blend of bullet hell and tennis made for the Ludum Dare 41, sees you trying to knock back bullets with your trusty tennis racket.

In TennisHero you are on your own, serving it up against loads of enemies, without a tennis ball in sight. Instead of providing your own balls, you are able to use your racket to whack back the bullets coming from the barrel-esque enemies on the other side of the court. A timer ticks down, showing how long you have until an ultimate boss appears, shooting lots of bullets at you.

You have to do more than just hit the ball back. Much like in a game of Tennis, you need to ‘step’ into your move – meaning you need to move towards the ball as you swing your racket – effecting where the ball ends up going. Mastering this type of attack does take a few tries, but once you master it you’ll stand a chance of surviving the barrage of bullets.

There’s a nice selection of enemies that can appear on the field across from you; moving barrels, ones that stand still, and ones that shoot in groups of three bullets. Thankfully, all of them only take one hit of a bullet to be destroyed. See if you can last long enough to take out the boss with only your trusty tennis racket!

Download TennisHero Here (Windows, Mac, & Linux)