Tentaclescape – Game Jam Build

Tentaclescape is a fun little Eldritch horror puzzle game where Cthulhu attempts to fill boxes with his tentacles to escape from a series of boxes he’s trapped in!

Created for the Weekly Game Jam, in Tentaclescape you take control of Cthulhu, the almighty Great Old One of immeasurable power, who has managed to get his head trapped in a series of hunter’s boxes. You now need to use your tentacles to fill each box, causing them to break and setting you free. However, there’s not much room to maneuver your tentacles in those cramped boxes and when you press a direction all of your tentacles will move in that direction. So you’ll need to plan your movements if you want to escape the game’s 100 levels.

At the moment there does seem to be an issue with the game crashing when it loads some of the procedurally generated levels (which start after the 10th level), but it’s a great little puzzler nonetheless. The art style is excellent, the puzzles are well designed and the premise of the all powerful Cthulhu being trapped in a box is very amusing. Try not to get your tentacles in a tangel as you make your escape!

Play Tentaclescape Here (Browser)