Tentagraba – Game Jam Build

Tentagraba is a quirky little QWOP-like that sees you using your tentacles to climb along the ceiling while avoiding being cooked by the lava below!

In Tentagraba you start the game as a two limbed octopus (a duopus) and must press the corresponding keys to grab onto sections of the roof and propel you towards the bowl at the end of the level. Reach the end of the level and you’ll be ‘rewarded’ with an extra limb, which may make climbing a tiny bit easier but also makes the task of keeping any dangling appendages out of the lava below a lot trickier – especially once you grow a few more limbs.

It’s a simple, but fun little QWOP-like that can really get your fingers in a tangle as you sprawl them across the keyboard to stop your octopus from getting cooked. It’s best played with a mechanical keyboard (as most non mechanical keyboards can’t handle more than a few buttons pressed simultaneously), but it’s still possible with a non-mechanical keyboard – you just have to be quick or you’ll be a well cooked octopus!

Note: If you get stuck you can press DEL to restart

Download or Play Tentagraba Here (Windows & Browser)