Terminal Error – Alpha Demo

Terminal Error is a creepy first person point and click horror adventure where a military base has been infiltrated by deadly shadowy monsters.

In Terminal Error you are a disorientated soldier who wakes up in his base, with alarms going off and nobody around. After a little exploration it becomes apparent that something is very wrong there and you need to get out of there fast. The problem is that the place is locked down, you’ll need to figure out how to override the security and escape.

The gameplay in Terminal Error blends first person exploration with point and click puzzling, and sees you clicking to move from place to place rather than walking. It could probably do with making the periphery areas (outside the flashlight range) a little lighter, but other than that it’s off to a great start. It’s got a very tense atmosphere, there are plenty of fun environmental details and there are some very tense moments. An interesting and horrifying twist on the point and click adventure genre.

Check Out a Terminal Error Gameplay Video Here

Download The Terminal Error Alpha Demo Here (Steam)