Terminal – Game Jam Build Download

Terminal is a short and stylish narrative driven puzzle adventure where you solve puzzles on a mysterious train to help you recover your memory.

In Terminal you awaken on a train with no idea who you are or how you get there. There’s nobody else aboard the train. In fact the train appears to be custom built for you, containing your memories from childhood until the present. You’ll need to explore and solve puzzles to help you remember and discover what’s really going on.

Taking around 15 minutes to play through, Terminal does have a few rough edges (such as the awkward way you pick-up and rotate letters), but it’s an interesting game with a great low poly art style and some excellent pieces of environmental storytelling. The letters you read tell you a little of your life, but something as small as a little toy train can tell you a lot more about what’s really going on.

Download Terminal Here (Windows)