Terminusoid – Prototype Download

Terminusoid is a stylish cinematic platformer where you attempt to escape from the last floating city in a dystopian desert world.

In Terminusoid you are a citizen who lives in a flying city on a deserted world. Every day you wake up and board a transport ship that takes you to a mining ship where you help mine a valuable element. The flying city is as much of a prison as it is a city, where anyone who attempts to escape is killed on sight. Normally there’s nowhere to escape to anyway, but for the next three days the city will be stationed near a massive wall that’s rumored to have civilization behind it.

The gameplay in Terminusoid is pretty basic. For one ending you just need to walk through the city each day, but for the other you’ll need to do a little bit of platforming and stealth as you avoid the armed drones. The gameplay isn’t really the big draw though – it’s the intriguing lore of the dystopian flying city, the beautiful visuals and the promise of some form of hope lying over that wall.

Download The Terminusoid Prototype Here (Windows)