Terraforming Earth – Alpha Demo

Terraforming Earth is a stylish puzzle puzzle platforming adventure where you control three uniquely skilled robots who must work together to explore and terraform a desolate post-apocalyptic Earth.

Playing a little like the Blizzard classic, The Lost Vikings, in Terraforming Earth you take control of three robots and use their unique skills to make your way through each level. One robot can jump and lift things (including other robots), one robot can hover over the ground and one robot can teleport short distances. They also have their own personalities and will all chat to each other between levels.

Terraforming Earth can be played in single-player or local co-op. The levels are procedurally generated, but they work surprisingly well and feel like they were handcrafted. The scrap you find can be used to build more robots, but that doesn’t mean they’re expendable – if you kill too many of them then they’ll lose trust in you.

Even in these early stages of development Terraforming Earth is a fun puzzle platforming adventure. The gameplay is fast, the controls are responsive and the unique skills of each robot are used well in each level. What’s more, there’s a nice about of personality to the cute little robots and you really do feel a little bit guilty each time you blow one up – especially as the brave little trio are attempting to fix the mess we left the Earth in!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Terraforming Earth Alpha Demo Here (Windows & Mac)