Terror At Oakheart – Alpha Demo

Terror At Oakheart is a supernatural slasher horror game about a crazed serial killer who feeds his victims to a lovecraftian monster.

Currently in development by Tainted Pact (creator of Suffer The Night), Terror At Oakheart is a serial killer horror game inspired by 80’s and 90’s slasher movies. The game follows the story of a serial killer called Teddy who is driven to murder by a twisted eldritch monster that lives in his basement. Throughout the game you’ll play as a large raster of characters/victims and you’ll even play as Teddy too.

The current demo build features a prologue where you play as Teddy and chapter one, where you play as a couple of victims. At the moment the text seems unnecessarily small and the gameplay/puzzles are pretty basic, but It’s a promising game with excellent pixel art animation and an interesting lore. It’s shaping up to be an excellent slice of retro slasher horror.

Download The Terror At Oakheart Alpha Demo Here (Steam)