Terror of Hemasaurus – Beta Demo

Terror of Hemasaurus is essentially the Rampage sequel you always wanted, with you able to take control of a mighty Kaiju and unleash huge amounts of physics-based destruction on helpless cities!

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the Beta Sign Up, in Terror of Hemasaurus you take control of a Kaiju who has been unleashed upon the world by a cult of Kaiju-worshiping global warming activists. It seems that Earth is on the brink of a climate catastrophe and the only way to stop it now is for you to level buildings, slap helicopters, kick cars and slaughter humans. Every one human you kill now will save ten in the future – you sure can’t argue with that logic!

The demo build of Terror of Hemasaurus features two playable characters, a very entertaining tutorial and a handful of full levels. It’s playable with up to four players and is a hell of a lot of fun. You can kick humans through the rotor blades of helicopters, kick cars into buildings to cause massive explosions, jump off buildings to unleash an atomic butt-slam and you can even make buildings fall into each other, causing them to fall over like dominoes.

At its core Terror of Hemasaurus is very much a homage to the classic Midway Rampage games, with you causing massive amounts of carnage in cities around the world. It has everything you enjoyed about the original Rampage games, but it’s so much better – more responsive controls, better destruction physics, more abilities and better visuals. The amount of carnage on-screen is absolutely glorious and as it’s all in a good cause, there’s no need to feel guilty for your murderous rampage! Highly recommended.

Download the Terror of Hemasaurus Beta Demo Here (Steam)