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Terrorbane game

Terrorbane is a hilarious 4th wall breaking adventure in which you help a rather arrogant video game developer Beta test his epic RPG adventure which has more than a few game breaking bugs.

You have just loaded up Terrorbane, a 16bit inspired JRPG which the dev is keen to point out is the BEST GAME EVER. This may well be the case, but in its current state it’s a bit of a mess – there’s graphical glitches, mangled audio, nonsensical dialogue, broken controls and many more different bugs hidden within the game’s code. In fact there’s so much broken code that it’s even an accomplishment to get past the opening cutscene (and the dev’s put in too much hard work to allow you to skip it).

Throughout your epic(ly broken) adventure the dev will pop up in a command box, guiding you through his expertly crafted masterpiece and offering assistance in the ‘unlikely’ event that a bug should arise. His intentionally irksome dialogue is very well written and is fondly reminiscent of the narrator in The Stanley Parable – especially when you don’t do as you’re told!

The current build of Terrorbane takes around 10 minutes to play through, but we’d highly recommend repeated plays as there’s lots that you can miss on a single play (and you get a handy bug list to keep track of your achievements). It’s a very cleverly crafted and well written adventure with witty humor, in-jokes and 4th wall breaking tomfoolery that makes it feel like The Stanley Parable of JRPG’s. A fabulously funny adventure in which the bugs really are a real feature!

Check Out a Terrorbane Gameplay Video Here

Download The Terrorbane Alpha Demo Here (Win, Mac & Linux)

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