Tether – Pre-Alpha Download

Tether is an Event Horizon-esque Sci-Fi psychological horror adventure which follows a mother as she recalls her final conversations with her children, while she explores a spaceship whose crew have been struck my madness.

The dark Sci-Fi horror narrative of Tether takes place in a desolate Sci-Fi future where the Moon has been destroyed and has caused natural disasters to sweep the planet. You take on the role of a Biological Research Assistant called Lesleigh Hayes, who embarked on a mission to terraform Mars, and make it habitable for mankind. However, there’s a madness that’s taken hold of your crewmembers and you’ve been seeing some strange things too…

The current build of Tether may be a Pre-Alpha but it’s a very polished experience with some fantastic audio and visual design. It follows Lesleigh as she explores the ship, trying to figure out what’s going on whilst also thinking of her family who she has left behind on Earth. It’s clear the crew have descended into madness, but you’re being affected by it too as you have visions of your son and a large shadowy entity. Will you survive in the isolation of deep space?

Even in these early stages of development Tether is an incredible Sci-Fi psychological horror experience. It’s got a beautifully crafted industrial ship interior that’s fondly reminiscent of Alien’s Nostromo and a dark narrative that evokes Event Horizon’s descent into madness, but with a touching story of a mother’s love for her family at the heart of it. It’s a tense, cerebral and thought provoking Sci-Fi adventure with heart behind its horror. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Tether Pre-Alpha Build Here (Windows)