Tetropolis – Alpha Demo


Tetropolis is a non-linear puzzle platformer set in a world that is a puzzle itself, which merges elements from Metroid and Tetris to create an entirely unique game – a Tetroidvania.

You play as an imperfect tetromino in a society obsessed with falling block puzzle games, to such a degree that even the world is constructed of tetrominoes.  As you progress through the game you will discover “control points” that allow you to alter the level, sliding huge Tetris block-shaped modules around at will.  Rearranging the map is not only necessary to create new pathways and unlock new areas, but to solve puzzles and discover the secrets of Tetropolis.

It’s a fun game that makes creative use ot the tetrominoes inherent versatility, while the re-arangeable levels are a masterstroke in game design.  Who’d of thought the humble Tetris block could have the charm and personality to pull off a puzzle platform adventure so well?

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Check out the Kickstarter & Download the Alpha Demo HERE (Windows Only, but a big update is coming on the 25th, which inclides Linux & Mac)