Tex-Mechs – Student Game Download

Tex-Mechs is a fun little cel-shaded first person shooter where you pilot a mech and blast huge bugs in the insect-infested wastelands of New Texas.

Created by students from the SMU Guildhall, Tex-Mechs allows you to jump into a big mech and blast bugs on an alien planet. It appears humanity has colonised the planet and set up a colony called New Texas. This colony looks quite similar to Earth’s Texas, with large rocky canyons and lots of red rocks, but there is a slight difference that comes in the form of swarms of massive alien bugs that are keen to kill any humans they can get their mandibles on – you need to use your mech to deal with the horde for the good of your colony.

The gameplay in Tex-Mechs is fairly simple, with you just travelling through the rocky canyons of New Texas and blasting the bugs as they emerge out of the ground. It does get a little repetitive, but it’s a fun game with a great cel-shaded aesthetic and plenty of fast paced bug blasting fun. Your mech is satisfyingly agile and you collect a nice selection of weapons as you play. A fun little mech-piloting bughunt well worth checking out.

Download Tex-Mechs Here (Steam)